Donate to Server Operations

All donations are much appreciated. It allows us to keep the server up! With the lag recently we spun up and extra box and had to increase the monthly spend.

Server1 & Server2 Dedicated Haswell Xeon+32gbRAM – $120

Server3 & Server4 VPS – $45

Patchbot – $2

Battlemetrics & Real-time Stats – $10

Domain – $1


VIP / Recurring Donations

SteamID# (765....)

VIP Perks

  • Custom Discord role
  • VIP only discord chat
  • Queue Skip (activation times may vary).  Some patches render oxide unusable. To protect server stability we reserve the right to turn off oxide and queue skip as needed. As soon as as we can we will return functionality.

Account Activation is not instant. We like to review transactions.  Your SteamID# begins with 7656 and is 17 digits long.  Example: 76561197962046913.  Not providing a proper ID can create delays in account activation. DM tooslider on discord for any issues.

Cancel Recurring Donation

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