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  1. No “*Griefing” or making the game unplayable for others. (except server3)
  2. Keep Door Camping to under an hour at a time. (If you’re gonna raid, raid)(except server3).
  3. Shit talk and joking around is fine. Toxicity is not.
  4. Hate speech, racism and slurs are not tolerated.
  5. Steam names are required.  No “no-names” or names that break Rust or Rust Admin Consoles.  All symbol based names must also be easily discernible.
  6. If you find a game ending or server ending exploit, notify the admin team immediately so that we can protect the server.  Exploiting this issue intentionally could result in community ban.
  7. Do not harass people. All are welcome to play here.
  8. Please don’t harass the admins. We’re all nice people just trying to keep things moving smoothly.
  9. If you have a VAC ban, Game Ban, or RustAdminDB report about cheating on any family-shared accounts then you will be required to make your profile public. We do this to verify friends and headshot percentages. If you have privacy concerns about this, it is on you to proactively reach out to an admin and make arrangements. If an admin asks you to make your profile public, please help us do our job of keeping the server safe and clean for everyone.
  10. All server issues are dealt with on discord. Discord is required if you have an issue with admins and they want to discuss outside of the gameplay area.
  11. Servers will sometimes reset at 7am PST.  Any items lost during the reset will not be replaced, even if the bot does not properly remind users of the reset.
  12. Claiming to hack (even in a joke) is considered admission of guilt and can result in immediate ban.

*Griefing: This is unsportsmanlike like conduct that stops players from being able to continue or play. This a mainly common sense rule that includes the following:

A raid can span multiple bases as long as there are no extended breaks between the attacks. A live raid is not considered door camping as long as the attacking team is making progress and is not “stalling” for further resources.


Is there a max group size?

Rustynoobs #1 – No group limit.  This might be spooky for some of you, but this is a place to make friends (if you want to) and play together. Teamwork will always be an asset to being successful in RUST. On the other hand, a large group is often seen as a large target by the majority of the people on the server. So, use caution. The more you stick out, the more attention you will get.

Rustynoobs #2 – Max group size is three or fewer at all times.  Always be ready to answer admins about your squad. Raiding, bagging, base gifting or sharing codes with anyone outside your trio is not allowed. No ‘tag-ins’ or mixed teams roaming together. If you have an issue with an illlegal team please contact admins or create a ticket.

Rustynoobs #3 – No group limit.

Are there any rules when Raiding?

Server1 and Server2

Raiding is pretty standard on the server. Here are some things to know.

  • As long as the attacking party is still capable and actively working on raiding the base, the Doorcamping rule (1hr) is waived.
  • If the Defending party surrenders, It’s recommended that they let the attacking party in to claim loot and end the raid (ALL the loot. Don’t hide those rockets!). Attacking parties should try to be open minded about this option if it’s offered but they can decline.  This is a sportsman conduct issue and not considered a gurantee.
  • Raid bases can be Walled/Locked/Destroyed.
  • Shit talk is okay, we all get pretty salty. Don’t be surprised if you’re raided back if you’ve been mean!

Server 3

No raid rules.

I have been asked to change my name, why?

We’re not very strict when it comes to Steam names. For the most part, that’s Steam’s problem not ours.

There are some exploits which cause issues with maintaining the server. Here’s a few of the things we don’t like to see.

  • Racial slurs
  • Blank sames
  • Entirely symbol based names
  • Names created intentionally to harass existing players.

What is it like having Active Admins?

We understand the “spookiness” of having active/playing admins on the server. Many of us have been on servers where the admins backdoor spawn items, or fuck around and abuse the abilities they have. That does not happen here.

The Admin team is a small team people who play casually and keep an eye on the community. We don’t have “Admin Island” and our abilities are not used for any reason other than enforcing the rules and keeping the lights on. They will occasionally engage in PVP, but not too often. (Also, they are not all based together or “teamed.”)

We keep an eye on admin ENT commands in our consoles, and hold each other accountable. If you have a problem with one admin, contact another and your issue will be taken seriously.

But, we can be shot/raided whatever just like normal players. We’re just people playing the server just like you!

These are the Admins:

  • Julian
  • tooslider
  • Zeb
  • Quest
  • Chewie(inactive)
  • VenemousVapors(inactive)

What is being Toxic?

We aim to reduce server toxicity as much as possible. This isn’t about being nice, or being PC. It’s about making the server an accepting place to be.

Things that are not allowed:

  • Racial Slurs.
  • Revealing, or looking up personal/identifiable information of any player or admin. This will result in an instant and permanent ban.
  • Personal Attacks (Sexual Orientation, Gender, Bullying)

Shit talking is totally fine, just don’t take it too far!


I found a serious exploit in the game, what do I do?

Please privately inform the Admins of this so that we can backup and protect the server. You can get ahold of us via Discord as this is an urgent issue, and letting us know is greatly appreciated.

Am I allowed to Doorcamp?

Server1 and Server2

Although we acknowledge this is a legitimate tactic to drive neighbors out, or to gain that tasty tasty loot. We believe on this server that people should be able to play.

With the intention of being fair to both the people in the base, and those outside of it. Doorcamping is allowed for a maximum period of 1 hour. This allows for the tactic to be used, but this also allows people to play.


Yes, unlimited

What is Griefing? Am I allowed to do that?

Griefing is the making the game unplayable for others on the server. We are against Griefing as this is a place to learn the game and play casually. Some things to keep in mind to avoid doing this includes:

  • Do not lock players in their own base or out of their base unless you are taking it over, maintaining it, and living in it.
  • Don’t despawn their loot if you can’t carry it.
  • Do not repeatedly hit the same group of people. Let them rebuild and play!

When does the server wipe?

Rustynoobs #1 – Wipes map the first Thursday of the month and wipes blueprints every 2-3 months, depending on what FacePunch has upcoming

Rustynoobs #2 – Wipes map the first Thursday of the month and wipes blueprints every 2-3 months, depending on what FacePunch has upcoming

Rustynoobs #3 – Wipes map the first & third Thursday of the month.  Blueprints wipe the first Thursday of every month.

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