Hey Everyone!

Another week here at Rustynoobs and we’re still steady sailing. If you were lucky enough to make it after the massive raids that have been going on then congratulations! If not, you’re like me. THANKS.

Also, another hilarious shoutout to the Korean crew that have been playing with us. After some long.. long raids. They managed to pull some loot. Not without some issues of course. Checkout a bit of that with a weird soundtrack here:

The admin team has been hard at work streamlining things this week. We have changed over our rcon clients to use the new websocket protocall. This should resolve the random server stalls we were seeing. We were also sneaky with the host and got some major updates applied to the server. We have also welcomed Baemos into our ranks as an admin. Welcome dude! I would like to say a special thanks to those who have used our donate button and shown us some love. It really makes this easier on us and I cannot express my appreciation enough.

Again as always. Thank you all for playing with us. This has become a wonderful community.