VIP Perks

  • Any VIP purchase is good across the entire & communities for one (1) month
  • Custom Discord role and colors (Gold Silver Bronze)
  • VIP only discord chat with staff
  • Queue Skip *
  • Early access to seed selection on wipe day for planning **
  • Prioritized VIP ticket queue
  • Wall Removals – You will no longer need to be online to get a wall removal request filled. VIP’s can open tickets in discord and detail their in-game name, server, base coordinates, base picture and detailed pic of the item that needs removing.  These services are still provided by admins as provided and are NOT provided on demand. Your patience is much appreciated.
  • If you believe there are any billing issues, contact admins first.  Any chargeback or contesting payment will be banned community wide.  

* Activation times may vary.  Some patches render oxide unusable. To protect server stability we reserve the right to turn off oxide and queue skip as needed. As soon as as we can, we will return functionality.

**  Subject to change due to procedural map generation updates/drift between updates

VIP Bronze

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VIP Silver

9.99 USD View

VIP Gold

19.99 USD View