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Early Purge, Blueprint Wipe & New Hardware

Great news! We have acquired a dedicated metal server with much more space for the RustyNoobs community to grow.  To accommodate some extra setup time this month, we are going to do purge early on the evening of the 30th.  If servers come up early they will be a 1-2 day wipe until the normal wipe day and blueprint wipe. For the nerds here are the new server stats: E3-1270v3 Intel Xeon E3-1270v3 processor (four physical 3.5ghz cores on QPI + hyperthreading + turbo->3.9ghz) 32 GB DDR3-1600 ECC memory 240 GB SSD and 2000 GB, 7200 RPM SATA hard ...

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Something new has popped up at Rustynoobs

Hi Everyone! We have listened to your feedback and spent a lot of time thinking about the future of our server. The community has grown, and become even more tight knit than ever. We're proud of what you have helped us become, and thrilled to be as successful as we are. Thank you. We have heard your concerns about group sizes loud and clear. It makes it hard for new players, casual players, and smaller groups to succeed and thrive. The same problem we once found ourselves having when we played on the officials. It's hard to find a good community, with solid and trustworthy administration, that allows you to play and experience RUST your way. When joining the server, you may noticed ...

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Ugandan BBQ + Looking for 1 more person to join the Admin team!

Howdy Everyone! It's been a crazy first week of wipe and I'm sure many of you agree. From some crazy people (Stephen cough cough) taking "nolifing it" to a new level to drama ripping apart teams left and right. Jerry Christmas showed up at my door last night with some Ugandan BBQ. And damn that was good! As terrifying as the experience was, I'd recommend it. He asked me to leave a review on Yelp, but never told me the name of his restaurant. Is it this one? If so, those Jungle Ribs really hit the spot! Also, to some people's surprise. It appears that the base with the sign "Friendly" has a new owner. And... he said he's not friendly. We have lots ...

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End of Wipe – December 2017

Thanks for the awesome wipe! From bridges, to mass battles. Zergs coming and going. It was a wild one. We got to experience the Upkeep system for the first time, and man what a tough mechanic. Hopefully you were all able to keep your TC's full and your bases up! Purge night was epic! Some amazing battles and landmine creations. Sedans were rollin around the map and the drive by action was pretty intense. With the updates on the server we're able to go a bit more wild than we used to! Now it's time for us to start working on the wipe. Note, the server may be down tomorrow morning so that we can wipe the Blueprints. Keep an eye on ...

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SO! We’ve been back for a while now and things are getting saucy!

We had a sketchy wipe when Oxide died + The wipe caused 3 maps to spawn ontop of eachother. We had the choice to keep playing or wipe it, we kept playing. So you'll be seeing some floating things around the server- just try to pretend that's a feature! BPs have wiped in order to give everyone the chance to suck for a while. PS. Anyone got rockets? Hopefully the nailgun will take you and your friends to victory over those cleaver wealing nooblets. The rollback, oh yes. As many of you have probably had to do- I spend most of the weekend rebuilding the base I built up on friday. Facepunch decided to drop the ball and broke ...

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