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Rank #35 at

Hey Everyone! Wow! What a busy night. So, the server went down last night and I fortunately woke up to a million messages of panic. I talked to the host and they are working hard to get things straightened up. After a few hours of updates and maintenance we seem to be good to go. Some good news though, on we are now rank #35 of ALL community servers. Oh my god guys! This is awesome. Thank you to all the great people playing, bringing their friends in, and having a great time. I have enjoyed every bit of it. To my surprise, many of you have been sharing the love with our donations button. It is sincerely appreciated and ...

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Dammader Dies (REMIX)

Hey Everyone, So as planned this morning I restarted the server and cleaned a few old map files out, updated the name of the server. It seems to be working properly now. I'd just like to say congratulations to Ritlin and Dammader for making it into Facepunch's Community Update this week! Unreal! Check out their amazing work below and keep it up! Check it out below if you haven't had the chance. Also, reminder. Tomorrow is update day! As usual, we expect the updates to roll our around 2PM ...

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