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DDoS – Quickie

Hi Server Fam, Over the last couple of days you've probably noticed the disconnects. Thanks to a wonderful group on the server. (Leaving you unnamed, but if you want the direct credit let me know and I'll update this). Just don't want you to get targeted more by this asshole. We have identified the cause and have eliminated it from our server. The person behind the recent attacks has been permanently banned from the server, as he has been purchasing DDoS attacks against the server. We were informed that he has been using DDoS attacks to feel cool. We took this with the neutral outlook that we usually do, and began watching. After 3 or 4 encounters we were able to establish ...

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WELP. – Maintenance

Hey Everyone, As you probably know. The server is down at the moment. We had to unexpectedly bring her down for some maintenance. Sorry about the pain in the ass! Services are getting stuck, etc. So the host is doing some emergency maintenance on the server. I'll try to keep you updated, but we may very well be out until later in the morning. The host estimated 7 AM, so Expect around 8-9am MST. Keep an eye on the discord and this page. ...

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Server Stalling [Update]

Hey Everyone, I believe we have found the issue with the server stalling. Tomorrow we will restart the server when there is lower population. (Likely around 8:30 am MST). We just need to correct the name of the server so that it uses dashes instead of "|" and that will stop the rcon clients from breaking the server. Sorry about the pain in the ass! As always, thank you so much for playing with ...

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