Hi Server Fam,

Over the last couple of days you’ve probably noticed the disconnects. Thanks to a wonderful group on the server. (Leaving you unnamed, but if you want the direct credit let me know and I’ll update this). Just don’t want you to get targeted more by this asshole. We have identified the cause and have eliminated it from our server.

The person behind the recent attacks has been permanently banned from the server, as he has been purchasing DDoS attacks against the server.

We were informed that he has been using DDoS attacks to feel cool. We took this with the neutral outlook that we usually do, and began watching. After 3 or 4 encounters we were able to establish a pattern in when the server sees serious packet flooding and when he sucked in PVP. After consulting the documentation of other servers we were able to come to a solid and unbiased decision that he was indeed attempting to flood the server with packets to alter the game for himself.

Fortunately our wonderful host recently implemented some serious DDoS protection, which meant the server stayed live while this happened and the switch running the external routing table was the thing being hit. This allowed us to identify the user that was constantly relogging every single attack.


For those of you that don’t know what a DDoS attack is. I’ll explain it simply here for you. A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is when a large volume of bots (hacked, compromised, malicious) machines are set to connect to the server at the same time. Often, people who are salty will purchase a DDoS attack against an IP address in order to take it down. So, this means our server gets hit with hundreds of thousands of connections at once. Which, of course most can’t handle.

Ours can, but connectivity can be impacted by this as well. Official servers crash, ours stay live but- you may lose connection. It’s a pain in the ass, and also kind of sad- because you can’t run these attacks without paying for them.

Official Statement from Rustynoobs.com

We know that you may get salty or angry on the server. We do too, trust me. A DDoS attack is temporary and useless when it comes to long term effect on the server. We often catch it as soon as it happens, and we protect the entities on the server every single time. If someone is breaking the rules, please contact the admin team and we will investigate it promptly and seriously. If you have any other concerns, we’re always available to help.

Our server is the step between a basic community server, and the officials. It’s the middle ground, and we hope that we can foster and maintain a fun experience that prepares you for the rest of the amazing servers on RUST.

We love having you around. It makes my day to hang out, and play with all of you amazing people. Don’t spend your hard earned money on a DDoS attack. Spend it on yourself. Come talk to us if you have concerns, and we will do our best to help you out. I truly get those who use DDoS attacks. Network and Server Security is super interesting and this is a weak point for anything online.


Your personal privacy is important to us. IP addresses are stored on a seperate server, on a seperate IP/LAN, behind a physical firewall. And that data is deleted/wiped often. We have followed the new (new to RUST) standard of encrypting all connections to the server and protecting everyone’s personal IP addresses. Your personal information is A) important to protect. and B) of almost no value to us. (Only value is to identify repeat offenders). Admins are vetted and held accountable to protect your anonymity. This is a game, we play it to have fun. You do too.

If you believe you’re being personally targeted from DDoS attacks, call your ISP and request a change of IP. Also, never click links from malicious/aggressive people. That’s how they get your external IP address.

Sorry about the long post on a single topic, hope you all had a great xmas/holiday!


Your friendly neighborhood Julian.