RustyNoobs CageFight 2019

February 6, 2019

Set your calendars! An organized purge day event is coming to Rustnoobs#1!

Join us for our first electrically powered cage fight battles and tournament.

If you cant join us, be sure to check the stream during the day for cage action.

If you can join us, please find yourself a partner for our 1v1 Trident and Machete tournament.  Sign-up now and be ready to check-in at 5pm on Purge Day.

The schedule:

  • 06-Feb-2019 12am PST – Full purge begins.  Building materials will go out periodically.
  • 06-Feb-2019 8-9am PST – Admins will spawn large amount of materials to build the cage and spectator area.  Players can receive some building materials during this time.
  • 06-Feb-2019 12-2pm PST – Test fights in the cage begin.  Come fight whoever and enjoy the build and company.
  • 06-Feb-2019 5pm PST – All teams signed up for the 1v1 Trident/Machete Tournament checkin.
  • 06-Feb-2019 6pm PST – or when all teams check-in, begin first round of fights.

The Rules:

Users must checked-in before 6pm PST to be eligible. Check-ins start at 5pm PST.

All event raiders and harassers waive their right to life inside Rust and may be banished to the bear pit.

Users will be provided 105 scrap to purchase gear from a vending machine. You will need to choose wisely as not all items will be in your budget.

This gear will include:

  • Trident – 20 scrap
  • Machete – 15 scrap
  • Bandages x3 – 5 scrap
  • Syringes x2 – 20 scrap
  • Clatter Helmet – 1 scrap
  • Pants – 1 scrap
  • Hoodie – 1 scrap
  • Wood Armor Chest – 1 scrap
  • Wood Armor Legs – 1 scrap
  • Food&Water – Free