Happy Holidays Everyone!

I thought it was snowing in Rust this morning, but it turned out to just be salt. Who’d have thought? We’re 2 weeks in- so this means we have bridges up and bases down all across the map. Things appear to be going smoothly, which is great to see!

Here’s what we’ve been working on lately.


Julian and tooslider have been working on revamping the Rules to make it more friendly and readable. The FAQ is being built and looks rather snazzy. Let us know if you have any questions we should add to that, but we’ll be paying attention in chat to see what needs to be explained. http://rustynoobs.com/rules/

New Admin

We have recruited Chewie as our latest admin, seems to be fitting in nicely! Give him a warm welcome with your Euoka’s if you see him around! ;).

MOTD + AutoKick Improvements

The MOTD functions have been offloaded to their own server, so they shouldn’t be as “off and on” as they were originally running on my local PC. While I worked on this, I also added a chat filter that kicks on use of the N word. We’re not trying to be chat Nazi’s, but it doesn’t make the server feel good to anyone when they see that.


We (tooslider) located the IP of a VPN people have been using to abuse the server. This has been banned and it looks like 8 people suddenly went with it. Bye Bye!

Unexpected Server Restarts

The cause of the random server reboots has been found. After tooslider and I bashed our heads into our desk every time the server gave us that oh so generous 20 seconds to get inside. The host has quadrupled our RAM and things seem to be running smoothly.


A lot of you have been asking about Blueprints and what our plans are with them going forward.
We have decided that Blueprints should be wiped Monthly, as we have plenty of time to learn what we need and it keeps the server casual and friendly.


After fiddling with upkeep and decay, we have left upkeep vanilla and dropped decay to 1/4. This should give you some ability to sleep at night, or like. Go to work.

As usual. Thank you all for playing with us! Hope you find some time to relax, and eat some good food over the holidays.

Your friendly neighborhood Julian.