Server2 SAM Test Summary and rules going forward standard

All December we ran a test on Server#2. The goal was to slow down player progression in the early phases. We specifically targeted the power teams who were using mini-copters to shortcut/cheese several monument puzzles. Our solution had a few pieces. Place extra SAM sites at launch, water-treatment and the train-yard.  These three puzzles in particular were being hit 24/7 by power teams and many were gaining full T3 benches in mere hours.   Dome will remain an open air pvp area. In the first 24-48 hrs mini-copter and scrap transport spawns were severely turned down(90% range).  This forced more people onto the roads and into monuments. Increase the decay of the mini-copters slightly to promote turnover. Almost immediately we noticed more ...

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Rust Patch – Chippy Arcade standard

Full Release @ Chippy Arcade Garry Newman To celebrate the launch of our new incubator game Chippy, which we was released a week today on Steam, we've added the Chippy Arcade to Rust. The item is rewarded to accounts automatically that have played Chippy for at least half an hour. We did consider giving it only to people that have beaten Chippy - but the game is that hardcore that so far only one person in the whole world has done that. And that guy fucking hates Rust. If you get the item and then refund Chippy, you will lose the item and rebuying won't bring it back. So stop. You can find out more about Chippy by clicking here. Full Article @ ...

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