Tips for Reporting

  • Support is on Discord. All server issues are dealt with on discord. Discord is required if you have an issue with admins and they want to discuss outside of the gameplay area. Visit for an invite. If the issue is about cheating be sure to F7 the player so Facepunch can review and ban as well.
  • Report in discord, either via DM to an admin or in #adminsupport.
  • Include screenshots of the violation, your combatlog, etc. Recordings are always useful.
  • Be sure to use your ingame name and tell us which server the issue is on when reporting a problem.
  • The more information the better. Don’t worry about giving us too much information.
  • If hacking, report to Facepunch by pressing F7 ingame

Community Rules:

  1. Listen to the Admins and staff.When we make requests, please comply in a timely manner. Anything we ask is for the sole purpose of improving or keeping the server clean and safe for everyone.
    • Any backtalk, trolling or time wasting of Admins may result in a ban and require you to clear the issue up in Discord. If you have concerns with the request, feel free to discuss in Discord after complying. We’re pretty reasonable if you come to talk maturely.
    • Don’t grandstand. Give the admins time to handle issues.
  2. Please don’t harass the admins. We’re all nice people just trying to keep things moving smoothly.
  3. Shit talk and joking around is fine. Toxicity is not.  We aim to reduce server toxicity as much as possible. This isn’t about being nice, or being PC. It’s about making the server a playable and non-toxic environment. Things that are not allowed:
    • Racial Slurs
    • “Doxxing”/Revealing or looking up personal/identifiable information of any player or admin.  Revealing your own information will result in a mute.  This is a safety issue.
    • Personal Attacks (Sexual Orientation, Gender, Bullying)
    • Spamming chat
    • Shit talking is fine, but there are lines in society that apply here too. 

  4. Do not verbally harass people. All are welcome to play here.
  5. No abusing exploits, no excuses. If you find a game ending or server ending exploit, notify the admin team immediately so that we can protect the server. Exploiting this issue intentionally could result in community ban.
  6. Previous VAC ban must have open profiles. If you have a VAC ban or RustAdminDB report about cheating on your active account or any family-shared accounts then you will be required to make your profile public with the games list, friends list and hours played visible. If you have privacy concerns about this, it is on you to proactively reach out to an admin and make arrangements. Any player with a gameban is not allowed to play without getting whitelisted by creating a ticket in discord.
    • Even without a ban, if an admin asks you to make your profile public, please help us do our job of keeping the server safe and clean for everyone. Often we will not require a player with no previous bans to maintain an open profile. Please see Rule #1.
    • Upon warning, it is the users job to read the rules in full and declare any alternate accounts or previously owned accounts at that time. Any accounts found later by admins will be considered a violation and a probable ban.
  7. Servers sometimes reset and crash. No items will ever be spawned or returned by admins.
    • Servers will sometimes reset at 4am PST for a daily reboot. This helps the server FPS and stability.
    • Servers are setup to accept all patches from Facepunch and we reserve the right to patch and reboot immediately.
    • We do not reimburse for items lost due to server resets. Please be sure to clear crafting queues and land at scheduled restart times, as this is the primary cause of lost items.
  8. Don’t even joke about hacking. Claiming to hack, even in a joke, can be considered admission of guilt and can result in immediate ban. Any user with existing bans should be extra careful. “It was just a joke” is not an acceptable answer.
  9. English only in chat – This helps us make sure it is a safe environment.
  10. Names must have some latin character/base word/string – All emoji, numbers, symbols, blank names, admin impersonators are not allowed.
  11. Alt accounts are allowed.  However, we reserve the right to ask for your primary accounts at anytime and quick compliance. If you have an alt account and want to avoid this hassle, please be proactive and create a ticket in discord.  Maliciously hiding alt accounts or bans can result in ban.  

Trio & Solo Rules

  1. No “*Griefing” or making the base unplayable for non-compound owners.
    • Compounds are defined as “‘Any base or set of bases fully or partially surrounded by high external walls or creatively foundation based external perimeter”.
    • Base take-overs are allowed.
      • Base takeovers require you control all base exits and have the TC paid for at least 3 days or paid in full. To allow fights/retakeover.
      • Compounds cannot be considered griefed so protect your TC at all costs.
    • If a non-compound base is rendered unusable or partially raided, it can be returned to the owner. A base is considered griefed when any of the following conditions apply:
      • Tool-cupboard is walled up.
      • Tool-cupboard is not fully paid for a takeover and is locked or behind locked doors.
      • All doors/exits are walled up.
      • Teams walling up major monuments(not quarry or mine) may have their walls removed and be warned.
    • If you are unsure if you were griefed, try asking in chat first. We have many helpful regulars who can answer question.

      The above list is not exhaustive, an admin may make a decision on anything not covered above if asked. If you have concerns with a ruling, please discuss them maturely with us in Discord after you comply with the admin’s request.

    • We will only enforce base griefing rules on Main bases. If we decide it’s a farm base, raid base, sniper tower, etc, these rules don’t apply.
  2. Do not despawn OTHER people’s loot. Do not throw things on the floor when raiding. Take what you need and can carry. Despawning loot during or after a raid can be a warned and bannable offense. Get the gear home to your main base and its yours to do with as you please. If all your boxes are locked then you should expect lots of items on the floor. (removed 4/7/2022)
  3. Teaming Rules
    • No mixed roaming.
    • No tag-ins.
    • No base gifting (its teaming)
    • No item gifting(trade for value)
    • No taxi rides in boats, copters or vehicles of any kind. Except via the vehicle taxi module. No teaming allowed. Driver is expected to use the eject passenger feature to avoid cross-teaming drivebys or rented getaway cars.
    • No bagging anyone outside your team. At no times should any non-team member be in your base. No crafting exceptions. Make the item and use a vendor or shopfront

No-Cap Rules

This server is pure vanilla rust.  Default settings. No regulations on griefing, despawning or gameplay. Community behavior still applies. If server is lower pop please do not raid it hard so it can grow pop and provide you more enjoyment.