Update: 08-APR-2020

It appears Facepunch will be fixing all the puzzles and oilrig with the next wipe. At that time we will be discontinuing our SAM policy. The May wipe will not contain any custom SAM changes by us.

Updated: 05-MAR-2020

All December we ran a test on Server#2. The goal was to slow down player progression in the early phases. We specifically targeted the power teams who were using mini-copters to shortcut/cheese several monument puzzles.

Our solution had a few pieces.

  1. Place extra SAM sites at launch, water-treatment and the train-yard.  These three puzzles in particular were being hit 24/7 by power teams and many were gaining full T3 benches in mere hours.   Dome will remain an open air pvp area.
  2. In the first 24-48 hrs mini-copter and scrap transport spawns were turned off.  This forced more people onto the roads and into monuments. Copters will be turned on 4pm PT Friday after wipe.
  3. Increase the decay of the mini-copters slightly to promote turnover.

Almost immediately we noticed more people running monuments and more pvp. We had the most active pvp wipe we have seen in a long time.  The tech level remained low throughout the first weekend, which was a welcomed change from standard wipes.  Only a small handful of players complained and we took the time to explain our thinking and goals. After these conversations every player liked the rule changes and wondered if we could do even more.

I suggest to everyone they press F7 and report the busted puzzles as the best course of action.

Going forward we will continue the policy on all our servers and we will review monthly.