We had a sketchy wipe when Oxide died + The wipe caused 3 maps to spawn ontop of eachother. We had the choice to keep playing or wipe it, we kept playing. So you’ll be seeing some floating things around the server- just try to pretend that’s a feature!

BPs have wiped in order to give everyone the chance to suck for a while. PS. Anyone got rockets? Hopefully the nailgun will take you and your friends to victory over those cleaver wealing nooblets.

The rollback, oh yes. As many of you have probably had to do- I spend most of the weekend rebuilding the base I built up on friday. Facepunch decided to drop the ball and broke the save feature on most servers. We tried to save things but unfortunately you can probably see how that went. Sorry about that folks!

Hope you’re all having fun! We have many new faces around here and the majority of the groups it looks like have broken up. Neat to see! Server vets, please take the time to welcome them and give them a head start into their new Rust Careers. This is a great place to learn some building and casual PVP. Can even take the heli or bradley out too! If you need any help with anything or want any gear or advice, just reach out to someone who has been playing for a while- or reach out to an admin and we’ll drop by and see what we can do! If you get raided, it happens. It makes you salty- and god damn do I get salty. But without that salt, the water in the ocean would be fresh and all the fish would die!

As always. Hop in the discord, you may noticed there is a locked chat in there called HomeBase- 2 rules to the chat if you’d like to join. If you hear basecodes- you didn’t hear them. And there is mature content in there nearly 24/7. Just reach out if you want in!

Take it easy and have a great time! Thank you all for playing with us as always.

– Julian