Hi Everyone!

We have listened to your feedback and spent a lot of time thinking about the future of our server. The community has grown, and become even more tight knit than ever. We’re proud of what you have helped us become, and thrilled to be as successful as we are.

Thank you.

We have heard your concerns about group sizes loud and clear. It makes it hard for new players, casual players, and smaller groups to succeed and thrive. The same problem we once found ourselves having when we played on the officials. It’s hard to find a good community, with solid and trustworthy administration, that allows you to play and experience RUST your way.

When joining the server, you may noticed that our server has a number in the name. Strange hey?

We’re proud to announce that we have launched a new server, for Solo/Duo/Trio players. This should allow for a new experience for those who either aren’t quite enjoying the main. Or are looking for a different way to learn and play the game.

We hope this leads to a new adventure going forward for all of us! Let us know what you think!