Staff Application

Staff Role Summary

What we look for in ALL staff volunteers

  • Low tendencies for aggression and “outbursts”.
  • The capacity to keep a neutral outlook regardless of your previous experiences with others.
  • A basic understanding of Programming Theory. (server commands, scripting, html, wordpress)
  • A computer that is capable of running RUST, Discord, RustAdmin, and Game Capture of your choice (ShadowPlay,, OBS, Camtasia)
  • Fluency with the English language
  • Over the age of 25 with fairly stable situation

All staff begins as helper and we add responsibilities and tasks one layer at a time.


  • Are allowed to play and raid in full
  • Have a firm grasp of all rules
  • Assist players in finding the answers and understanding the rules.
  • Help people find their way to discord and open tickets.
  • Help admins stay focused on large issues when in triage mode. When it rains it pours in Rust server administration.
  • Access to staff discussions


  • Perform all Helper tasks
  • Are allowed to play and raid in full
  • Issue in-game server mutes
  • Help moderate Discord chat with mute & kick
  • Access to staff and anti-cheat discussions

Server Admins

  • Anti-cheat
  • All chat enforcement
  • Community growth
  • Access to staff,anti-cheat and admin discussions
  • Being an administrator limits your ability to partake in many PVP events and play the game “regularly.” The community has high expectations of each and every admin, and it is essential that we maintain communication and trust with each and every player.  Administrators may be found occasionally around the map or building small bridges/roleplay bases. No active admin(green name) will be raiding or proactively PVP’ing.
  • Have difficult conversations with your friends about game or community issues

The Application Part