There are several ways to reach our admin team:

  1. Chat with us on Discord. (Use the #adminsupport channel)
  2. Open a ticket. – Updated so we’ll be more responsive on here.
  3. Say !admin in the game chat. – Pings all Admins with the console open. In-game support is limited. For discrete or urgent issues please find us on discord

Things we do not help with:

  1. Getting “stuck” in caves or around built structures. It’s a trap!
  2. Inability to build or place foundations
  3. Item replacement due to theft, negligence, any physical or meta-physical loss of possessions.
  4. Relationship Advice.

Ban Removal

Please fill out our ban removal form to have us evaluate your case.

Community Contacts

Admins: Zeb, Chewie, Tooslider, Quest and Julian
Moderators: Beancan

Want to be a part of the Admin Team?

Admin Application