Howdy Everyone!

It’s been a crazy first week of wipe and I’m sure many of you agree. From some crazy people (Stephen cough cough) taking “nolifing it” to a new level to drama ripping apart teams left and right.
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Jerry Christmas showed up at my door last night with some Ugandan BBQ. And damn that was good! As terrifying as the experience was, I’d recommend it. He asked me to leave a review on Yelp, but never told me the name of his restaurant. Is it this one? If so, those Jungle Ribs really hit the spot!

Also, to some people’s surprise. It appears that the base with the sign “Friendly” has a new owner. And… he said he’s not friendly.

We have lots of new people joining every day, the pop has been steady, lots of interesting things going on. It’s a good place to be.

What have we been up to?

Well! I’m glad you asked. Or.. I asked… Regardless, I’m telling you.

tooslider has been hard at work building bridges once again. God they make life easier don’t they? He has also been troubleshooting Old Greg’s audio issues over Discord and keeping a good eye on the players on the server.

Chewie has been surviving like everyone else! Keeping an active eye on chat and helping new players get going. Going to start selling corn again?

Julian Ok, I write the blogs so obviously I do more. Not really, but here’s what I’m working on. I managed to find some time and organize the Discord. You’ll see it’s all under headers, linked to the site, and the locked channels have been limited to 6 players so that nobody is hiding away. I’m currently looking for one more admin to help out with some of these tasks going forward, and to help me revisit some of the rules on the site. More on that below.

All together now, here’s what we’re working on:

Zerg management. We hear you loud and clear. Groups are getting large on the server and it’s hard to get started, or even keep playing. We. Get. It. Hence the reorg of the Discord. We’re going to be revisiting the group limit rule for next wipe in response to this as well as taking a look at the BP Wipe Schedule to see if this may have been the root cause of the problem.

This one is especially tricky. I don’t like disrupting core mechanics of the game with rules, but something is clearly wrong. We have tons of ideas, but what do you think? I’d love to have your feedback on this.

Server performance. We seem to have fixed the issues with resetting, and general performance problems on the server. Yay! What will they break next?

Anti Toxicity. You might have noticed that people who say the N word get kicked. I figured this was the easiest and most clear way to get the point across that we don’t accept that here. More racial slurs will be added in the near future. We’re not trying to police chat, but that’s not ok here.

Code Raiding. 3 bases got hit with code raids the other night. I spent some time going through the logs, and watching some people play. I believe I caught the person who was using a numpad script and meds to code raid. Rip little buddy but that’s not ok.

New Admin Position

Here’s what you’re all probably waiting for- or at least reading for. We’re looking for 1 more administrator to join up to help us manage the ever increasing population of the server. Think you got what it takes? Check it out here 

Well, that’s it from me today! Thank you for playing with us and helping us make a great community.

Signing off,